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Philosophy of Representation

Vin Sauvage believes we must bring value to the market, meaning quality in bottle at relative price, brand awareness/equity, and service. This gives us credibility in a highly competitive distribution landscape. We appreciate our supplier partners input and act as a transparent representative of both their products and the markets' feedback. Vin Sauvage is a Las Vegas based distributor with sales teams serving resorts, independent restaurants and retailers, and chain retail throughout Nevada. We work from this point of view in both selecting the brands we bring to market and when considering end consumer pricing. Our warehouse and trucks are 100% temperature controlled year round, to insure provenance of all products regardless of the price.

Nevada Registration/Brand Registration

To sell to a wholesale distributor in Nevada, you must obtain a Certificate of Compliance
& register all brands with a Wholesaler Designation form (LT08).

It is the annual responsibility of the suppliers to renew their Certificate of Compliance which needs to be completed prior to June 30 of each year. If we do not have a copy of your current renewed Certificate by August 1, no Purchase Orders can be written.

Purchasing and Programming

All program details need to be confirmed in writing. For programming and questions:

Scott James
‍Wine Portfolio

Email Scott

Hunter Welch
Spirits Portfolio

Email Hunter

Thomas Phillips
‍Beer Portfolio

Email Thomas

State Tax Information

These taxes are paid monthly by VS to the state and are a factor in your pricing.

Nevada Wine tax:

$1.68 per 9 Liter case under 14%
$3.12 per 9 Liter case at 14% and over

Nevada Liquor tax:

$8.64 per 9 Liter case

Nevada Beer tax:

$0.16 per Gallon

Vendor Visits

We appreciate the time and effort our suppliers make to support their brands in the market. To maximize the opportunity, we restrict market work to Tuesday through Thursday. Visits need to be scheduled 3 months in advance to best insure a successful visit. Our suppliers' time and resources and our representative time in the market is finite; we strive to work with suppliers with defined purpose to maximize effectiveness. Please contact the Portfolio Manager to arrange your visit. Reno is an important center of commerce and we can advise on those prospects when you contact us. Your first date may have a conflict so please consider an alternative date/dates when you contact us.

Accounts Payable/Receivable & Purchase Orders

If you have any concerns regarding accounting, please contact:

Joy Mason


Email Joy

Laura Gagnon

Purchase Orders

Email Laura

Warehouse and Receiving

Justin Morello

Email Justin

Payment Terms

Our best efforts are made to follow the terms per supplier invoices, excepting any unusual delayed deliveries. If additional terms are granted, they will be confirmed in writing.

Vendor Charge-backs

We follow the terms outlined by our suppliers and agreed upon by Vin Sauvage in our New Supplier information form. Please note below other charges below not acknowledged in the New Supplier form:

Trade Shows
Special tastings
Authorized by the vendor
Non saleable product
Charity Donations
Vendor work with or Independent market work

The above must be agreed upon in advance and should be documented. On the rare occasion of quality issues on product received, the vendor will be notified and supplied with photo documentation, if at all possible. Chargebacks need to be addressed on a timely basis or they will result in deductions. Please review your monthly statements and call if there are issues.

Depletion Reports

Depletion reports are provided monthly and issued 3-5 days after the closing of the month.
For inquires or issues here, please contact:

Barbara Bandyszewski

Lead Customer Service

Email Barbara